Organize Your Space

Does this sound familiar?

“I seem to spend half my days shuffling through bits of paper and files trying to find what I need. There must be a better way.”

We work as your partner to customize your space so that it best reflects who YOU are and what is important to YOU.

This process is done step-by-step and at a pace that is comfortable for you.

We provide:


As each person’s work style is unique, the 1st step is to meet in your office space to assess what needs to be done. Together we will discover what is working and what is not, what your expectations are, and what your essential needs are to make your office productive and functional.


We will take our completed analysis and create an “attack plan”. This will include specific recommendations on what should be done and how much time each task should take, as well as a list of any resources required.

Hands-on methods of attack:

With your attack plan in hand, you can begin the organizing process yourself, or with a professional organizer by your side helping you de-clutter and rearrange your space.

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