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Joel-Marc Golberg is Managing Partner of The JGAP Group, providing organized business solutions since starting his company in 1993.

Over the last eighteen years, Joel’s company has evolved from providing general administration services for entrepreneurs, small-offices/home-offices (SOHO), and small businesses, to the installation of accounting software and systems, to coaching corporate executives in time management, delegation, and goal setting skills, as well as providing seminars, “Lunch-n-Learns”, and is a facilitator of the Comprehensive Training Program for Professional Organizers in Eastern Ontario and Quebec for ProfessionalOrganizers.com.

He has appeared in articles in The Montreal Gazette and La Presse newspapers, the National Post, as well as Les Affaires, Style at Home magazine, and most recently InvestmentExecutive.com. He has also provided both French radio and English television interviews.

Since joining his professional association, Professional Organizers in Canada in 2001, Joel was a founding member and past-chair of POC-Montreal Chapter and is a POC Gold Leaf Member. He is one of POC’s regional media spokespersons and has just retired from POC’s national board of directors after having served for 8 years, most recently as Director of Finance and Administration.

In 2010, Joel-Marc Golberg was awarded the Harold Taylor Award, the Canadian organizing industry’s most prestigious honour which recognizes outstanding individual contribution, guidance and direction to the organizing profession.

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